FoxPay Payroll


  • Simple and efficient processing of timesheets and of paycheques
  • Ability to set up multiple companies or departments, if needed
  • Employees can be set up as hourly, as having normal set hours, or as salaried


  • Deductions such as CPP, EI, RRSP contributions, union dues, support payments and employee-requested extra tax can be applied
  • Allows for configuration of up to five pre-tax (such as taxable benefits) and five post-tax (such as after-tax deductions) items
  • Reverse Calculator function allows you to determine the gross pay amount for the desired net pay that you want to achieve

foxpay timsheet entry

  • Issue paycheques directly from the software and a Direct Deposit Module is also available
  • Can be integrated with our First Nation Accounting software and with most popular accounting software programs


  • Generate detailed pay stubs to accompany paycheques
  • Generate a year-to-date payroll summary or a year-to-date detailed payroll report for an employee for a year
  • Generate a summary or a detailed payroll breakdown for a pay period for all employees
  • Generate a Record of Employment report to be used to help complete the Service Canada ROE form
  • Generate T4 slips (including First Nation T4 format slips), the T4 summary report for completing the CRA T4 Summary of Remuneration Paid form and an XML file of the T4 information so that this can be sent electronically to the CRA
  • Generate a Receiver General Report that determines the CRA payroll remittance payable for a month
  • Generate a direct deposit report
  • Generate a department allocation report or a General Ledger-Journal Entry report
  • All reports can be can be previewed, printed, exported as an Excel spreadsheet, or saved as a PDF
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