First Nation Accounting


The software contains five modules in one:

  • Cheque Writer Module

    • Allows you to enter and to save a list of payees or you can use an optional custom link to your own existing external payee database
    • Issue cheques from an unlimited number of bank accounts
    • Allows for multiple account distributions for each cheque using the Program/Account selector


  • General Ledger – Journal Entry Module

    • Simple journal entry screen
    • Allows for multiple open batches
    • All batches may be viewed after posting – they are not lost at year-end
    • Various journal entry report options are available

adm funds journal entry

  • Funding Schedule Module

    • Unlimited number of funding schedules can be maintained
    • Schedules are posted automatically as the scheduled payments occur and may be revised at any time during the current year


  • Budgeting Module

    • Unlimited number of budgets can be maintained
    • Software is able to generate the budget details automatically or you may enter the budget details manually

adm funds budget

  • Reporting Module

    • Various Cheque Listing Reports
      • Generate cheque listings by date range, cheque number range, recipient, program, and/or by account
      • Option of specifying the cheque listing to show only voided, only non-voided, or to show all cheques in summarized or in detailed format
    • Bank Reconciliation Report
    • Funding Reports
    • Journal Entry Posting Reports
    • Budgeting Reports
      • Variance vs. actual, including a payables listing
    • Revenue & Expense
      • Summarized or detailed for a date range
      • For one program or for all programs
    • Trial Balance report
    • End-user Report Writer option can be used to customize the design of the reports
    • All reports can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet or saved as a PDF file
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