Homemakers Payroll & Claim Form Calculator

Payroll Worksheet Features

  • Each payroll worksheet will allow you to configure the following rates:
    • Overtime and statutory holiday rate multiplier value (e.g. 1.5 x the regular pay rate)
    • Vacation pay percentage
    • Employment Insurance percentage
    • Employment Insurance multiplier value
  • Each payroll worksheet contains fields to enter up to 20 homemaker staff and for each staff person you can enter the following:
    • Wage rate 
    • Regular hours worked
    • Overtime hours worked
    • Statutory hours worked, including the amount paid for a statutory holiday not worked
    • Taxable travel allowance and mileage
    • Non-taxable travel mileage
    • Employer’s CPP contribution
    • Other benefits paid such as WSIB, pension, etc.
  • If the hours worked for all homemaker staff are generally the same each week, you can save time entering the hours and related information on subsequent worksheets by copying the previous week’s worksheet
  • The worksheet can be saved as a PDF and emailed directly from the software
  • Program is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Claim Form Calculator Features

  • Import values from the matching Payroll Worksheet to facilitate quicker data entry
  • Software automatically calculates numerous fields on the form to ensure accurate calculations and claim amounts
  • Allows for entry of the total available monthly income of clients served (this figure can be obtained from the MOHLTC Form 4 for each client)
  • The claim form can be saved as a PDF and emailed directly from the software
Download an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF) containing
a sample payroll worksheet
Download an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF) containing
a sample claim form
Download a brief product brochure of the Homemakers Payroll & Claim Form software
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