Water & Sewer Billing


  • Configure four different rates for Residential, Business, Government, and Other customer categories
  • A flat-rate fee can also be used
  • Enter the units delivered and the software will automatically calculate the amount due
  • Enter delivery and late payment charges

water - meter entry

  • Issue detailed invoices (including an optional usage graph) with one click
  • Enter payments and issue receipts


  • Generate a report detailing invoice and receipt history
  • Generate a report of payments made by customer type
  • Revenues generated by customer type for a date range
  • Generate an Individual Customer History report which details all invoices, including units delivered, and payments listed by month
  • Generate a Customer Balances report showing current balances owing by customer type
  • Generate a Revenue Report that details the units delivered, the cost per unit, the total cost per delivery, as well as any service and late charges by customer type for a specific date range
  • Generate a Consumption Summary showing the units sold, the revenue generated, the amounts paid on accounts, and the receivables outstanding for all customer types
  • Generate a 12 Month Summary that details the units sold, service charges, late payment fees, amounts paid, and the balance forward amounts for a year for all customer types
  • All reports can be previewed, printed, or saved as a PDF document

Download an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF) containing our brochure of the Water Billing Software. The file is approximately 170KB in size.

Sample Reports Package
Download an Adobe Acrobat file (PDF) containing sample reports including invoices, receipts and various detailed reports that the Water Billing Software produces. The file is approximately 420KB in size.

Download the latest version of Adobe’s Acrobat Reader




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